Minimal Ambiance Album CoverMinimal Ambiance I and Minimal Ambiance II have been released on There will be more of these download only releases in the future. I already have 2 more I have been working on. Each album is one, half-hour minimal track, designed for relaxation and background music for conversations, contemplations, and meditations. Available HERE.


Dreamscapes Album CoverDreamscapes paints a picture of the nocturnal realm of dreams, from drifting off to sleep to a journey into the heart of the dreamworld, and finally ending with the sunrise. The mixture of ambient, instrumental, downtempo, and soundscapes... Available HERE.


Morning Contemplation Album CoverImagine waking up to a warm, beautiful day. The skies are partly cloudy. The birds are chirping. It is a peaceful morning. Then, ominous clouds appear on the horizon. The wind starts to blow as the thunder claps. A beautiful morning just became a soggy autumn afternoon. The wind brings in a chill as the music takes on a more cathartic tone. Morning Contemplation creates a complex environment of wind and water. Ranging from serene piano, to ambient, to pure electronica, this album is a delight for the imagination. Available HERE.

Down to Earth Album CoverMy first fully multitrack album. Down to Earth starts out with ambient drones to slowly move the listener into a relaxed state. From there, it progresses into a techno- tribal-ambient journey. The long drones are relaxing while the grooves in the middle of the album are able to focus the mind and produce a trance-like state. An autumnal ambiance is created and takes the journey into deep contemplation. As the album winds down, the music becomes more minimal, ending with a light, airy atmosphere. Designed for relaxation, Down to Earth is just right for a mid-day meditation break. Available HERE.

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