21st Century Bard Album CoverThe 21st Century Bard debut album has been released. The physical CDs Are available through CDBaby.com. From weightless atmospheres and surreal soundscapes to downtempo jams and grooves, the 21st Century Bard album is mellow, intriguing, and immersive.



Harmonic Motion Album CoverHarmonic Motion has officially been released. You can find it on CDBaby and iTunes. You can listen to it for free at ReverbNation. This album and Under the Stars represent a new phase of music for me. Every album I have released have gotten better and better sounding. It has been a learning process. Now, with experience under my belt, I am starting to think seriously about my goal of getting played on Hearts of Space. I love that radio show. It has introduced me to a whole world of new music. Literally. Available HERE.

Under the Stars Album CoverToday is the big day! Under the Stars has been released :) you can find it at CDBaby.com, Amazon and iTunes :) A weightless interlude between ambient music and soundscapes. Available HERE.



I have been working on my upcoming album, Under the Stars. Also, I am working on an experimental ambient album. I'm not sure how it is going to turn out and I still have a long way to go. Sound design is complicated. I am really looking forward to getting these projects finished and into a tangible form. The artwork should be in soon, and I am excited about that as well. Like always, good things to come!

It has been quite a while since I have been in the studio. Recently, I have been working on a few tracks, one of which is a definite winner. Very mellow electric guitar. I have decided to record in a more analog sense this time around. I have also started going through old, unfinished projects that would be a good addition to the new album. Finally, Change of Pace can have an album to call home. It was a lonely single, but the best song I have ever recorded until now. This new, yet to be named track goes very well with it.

With the release today of Change of Pace and the music video for it, as well as a complete redesign of the website, the beginnings of something big has been completed...

SamBardin.com has been completely redesigned. Along with this, I am in the process of releasing a single from my upcoming album, “Why Do We Pretend?” It is called “Change of Pace.”...

Minimal Ambiance 3 Album CoverThe third installment of the Minimal Ambiance series has been released. You can find it at CDBaby.com.




Minimal Alien Ambiance Album CoverMinimal Alien Ambiance has been released. This installment of the Minimal Ambiance series has an alien feel to it. Available HERE.



Ambient Alien Atmospheres Album CoverAmbient Alien Atmospheres has the feeling of an ancient, yet advanced civilization. This is a pure ambient soundscape with very little resemblance to music. The alien chimes from the distant, ancient temple call the listener to explore this strange realm...


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