21st Century Bard Album CoverThe 21st Century Bard debut album has been released. The physical CDs Are available through CDBaby.com. From weightless atmospheres and surreal soundscapes to downtempo jams and grooves, the 21st Century Bard album is mellow, intriguing, and immersive. The album begins with 125.36±0.41GeV, an electronic groove of slow motion explosions of protons, colliding at nearly the speed of light. Then we traverse into a surreal, barren, cold, dark space with Dali-Esque Tundra in Darkness. Pushing through into the unknown... Highway Part II is a minimal atmosphere of galactic highway hypnosis, riding on a beam of light particles. Next, Influx of Waves takes us on a journey along the shores of the universe. Quantum Escher and Jam bring the beat up a little with some downtempo grooves before plunging into the tranquil oceanic sounds of Turquoise Depths. Then a segue into the fluid soundscape of Liquid Dynamics. To bring the album to a close, The Wind brings the sonic waves of a minimal atmospheric ambiance in a steady breeze.

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