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Ambience: Minimal 

Now Available on CD, mp3 and digitally on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and pretty much every digital music service!

Also available for free on the Listen Page.

This is a reboot of the Minimal Ambiance series. This is one long track of minimalist ambient music designed for meditation, relaxation and contemplations. At 26 minutes, it is perfect for a quick midday meditation or a track to go to sleep to.

Ambience Minimal 2 Coming January 1, 2019!

I have overhauled the entire Visual Arts section. Now there are separate sections for Paintings, Digital Art, Drawings and Photography.

Binaural Ambience will lull the listener into a meditative state with Binaural Beat frequencies. The technique involves a specific tone in one ear, and a slightly different tone in the other. The difference in the frequencies, when combined in the brain, is perceived as a frequency specific "beat.” The brain picks up on this frequency and "entrains" to it. This album targets certain brain states which are associated with deep meditation. Research into this technique has shown that it can produce, in the beginner with no meditative practice, a deeply meditative state usually only achievable through years of meditation. I have been using this technique personally for the last 18 years. I mention it in my book, The Path to Happiness and Wisdom, in the third chapter. There is much information available on the internet about this technology. The first track, taken from Ambience Minimal 2, at 73 minutes, will target the "Alpha brain state," and then down into the deeply meditative "Theta brain state." This is a gently relaxing method. There are a couple brief "waking tones" to bring your attention back in case you start to fall asleep, or your mind wanders. The second track, taken from Ambience Minimal 1, at 25 minutes, is straight to the point for a quick descent into the Theta brain state. You should listen through headphones for the greatest effect. WARNING! This product contains embedded binaural beat frequencies. Do not listen while driving or in any circumstance where you need to remain alert. Avoid if you suffer from epilepsy, siezures or are vulnerable to flashing lights, as this uses the same concept audibly. This product is not intended to replace medical or psychiatric advice.

About Brainwave States

Beta  (14 Hz-30 Hz)        Waking, Focused, Thinking, Daily Activity

Alpha (8 Hz - 14 Hz)        Relaxing, Learning, Pre-sleep

Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz)        Deep meditation, Dreaming, Light Sleep

Delta (0.1 Hz-4 Hz)        Deep Sleep, Unconsciousness

This album uses Alpha and Theta states.

1. Binaural Ambience 1:    12Hz-6Hz   Time: 72:53

2. Binaural Ambience 2:    6Hz       Time: 26:32

Binaural Ambience is Available as a 2-disc set at Amazon

Digital Downloads available on CD Baby

The Path to Happiness and Wisdom is now available on Amazon. Print and Kindle versions available.

We all want to find happiness. In the everyday chaos of our lives, that can be difficult. There is a tried and true path toward wisdom that brings us happiness. This is the ancient path of Yoga. Learn how you can rid yourself of the obstacles to being happy, and reinforce the qualities in life that bring love, wisdom, patience and contentment. Eastern and Western philosophies are combined with personal experience to show how we can come to understand ourselves better. Topics include meditation, wisdom, spiritual growth, and Enlightenment.

Improv Piano: The Early Recordings: Volume One

Now Available!

17 Tracks, 74 Minutes

I have decided that along with my greatest hits album, Bardish Music Past, I should also release a catalog of early recordings. Back from before I recorded multi-track songs. It's improv piano pieces, remastered. These tracks were recorded before I had a good understanding of the technicalities of the recording process.  The remastering process consisted of adding reverb, EQ and leveling the volume properly. The occasional clipping is unavoidable and is one reason I switched to MIDI recording early on.  It is only an extension to my catalog of music. Almost all the songs are previously unreleased, other than on self-burned and printed albums given to friends and family. These are from the earliest recordings from 2006-2008. I expect to eventually put together Volume Two, but I have no concrete plans yet.

The entire album is also available for free streaming on Reverb Nation!


Bardish Music Past Album Cover

UPDATE 3: Physical CDs now available on CDBaby!

Bardish Music Past is now available! This retrospective album features the best of Sam Bardin, including two previously unreleased tracks, The Wind in the Trees and Summer Slumber. Featuring songs from the albums: Contemplative Keys, Under the Stars, Harmonic Motion and 21st Century Bard. Electric guitar meets downtempo grooves and ambient atmospheres.



Contemplative Keys Album CoverContemplative Keys is available where all fine music downloads are sold or streamed. The physical CDs are available through CDBaby. Or, you can head to the audio page and listen to the whole album.

Contemplative Keys is piano-centric. Minimalist. Serene. A little bit of ambient, a whole lot of piano and keyboards. A perfect album for the evening when you just need to sit back and relax. Soothing waves and mellow piano transport you to serenity with the first track, Clarity. Next, Dreaming Adagio brings in a somewhat rhythmic piece with a contemplative piano overlay, played on scratchy vinyl. The third track, A Walk in the Snow, presents a cathartic yet gentle exploration of cold piano. Then, continuing through the depths of winter, Sheltering in an Arctic Cave brings crystalline keys in a cold, protected, glacial crevice. Mysterious Broadcast is an introspective piece; minimal, yet full bodied. A cold rain inspires Midnight Storm, with its thoughtful piano moving forward into Morning Sun. Finally, the album concludes with Twelve Minutes of Mellow, minimalist piano. Contemplative Keys is a relaxing album that is sure to wind down a hectic day.

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